Deploy to the cloud from your menubar

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 28, 2016
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I'm really excited to announce today. Previously we've been featured on ProductHunt when we launched and our API Even command line programs, arguably the simplest programs out there, can be daunting to install. In our case, we required that people independently install Node.js and npm. We decided to build and open-source a slick Electron app that would take care of installing now(1) on your behalf, keeping it up to date, and provide a great user experience for cloud deployment. You can find the source code here: We think this new distribution model for apps and services is incredibly exciting and we're happy to provide this app as an example for others. For now the app is macOS only, but we're working hard on the Windows and Linux releases. Please let me know if you have any questions! Check out also our alternative download options for other platforms and configurations here: – Guillermo
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@rauchg what was the hardest part of making this? Any struggles with Electron?
@rauchg so awesome, keep pushing! 😍
@mxstbr signing apps. Apple unfortunately makes the whole process very difficult right now. Migrating my account to a team account for Zeit was difficult. Obtaining the DUNS number was difficult. Then downloading and messing with the Developer Id certificate was difficult. I'm looking forward to Apple improving this process in the future.
@rauchg did you look into fastlane? I hear they make that process very automated: /cc @KrauseFX
This is gonna be huge. This seems to introduce a new process of a development workflow, and I already see a ton of potential here.
This is extremely convenient. Now this will prevent you procrastinating on deploying the tiny apps you build on the side. Thanks @rauchg !
hell yeah!