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The /now page movement was started by Derek Sivers as a page to describe "what I’m doing now". Now helps you create (and update) your own now page; a page to share what you are currently up to in a mindful way.
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I redesigned my blog and added a /now page. As a way to easily update the now page, I figured I might just make it a standalone project. So I built Now (more details here). I am open to feedback and happy to answer questions. Thanks!
The weird thing is, seeing this, I think of myspace. Does anyone feel like we're coming full circle on social media a bit? All I really want is a place to dump my thoughts, and to see and comment on the thoughts of my friends - both close friends and those that I haven't seen in a while due to distance and life. Maybe I could even upload photos of me and my friends and tag them. Meanwhile, Twitter's injecting content from people I don't follow into my feed and giving me "in case you missed it" notifications, my Facebook notifications are basically just to tell me people are posting in groups, or that @garyvee is playing another pre-recorded video in live mode, and LinkedIn is just a cesspool of people trying to "build connections" so they can harvest my e-mail address, and recruiters trying to hire me away from my own company. Ross is...
I really dig the idea @kehers, the result looks clean. But I don't know if I would go for it: /now pages feel like an awesome addition to existing personal websites, but maybe less as a standalone website. Having a different URL, colours and typography here kind of defeat the purpose of branding yourself online IMO. Maybe you could make Now a generator for personal websites? A lot of people rely on static generators already these days, which means you could easily integrate with things like Gatsby, offer an API endpoint and a good starting point in terms of design with what you did already Other than that: the Twitter profile at the bottom of the page could be clickable, and providing a way to add links in the Navigation would be awesome. Also, the padding on mobile is too large for my content right now. Update frequency is really, really cool thing. Do you plan to send reminders?
@kehers @hypervillain I think there are some solid point you make here @hypervillain. Instead of creating static generator and all that I think an ability to embed your Now page will be useful (Similar to how a tweet is embeddable). so someone can use the mechanism of the site but put it somewhere else. it can also be good marketing and exposure for this application
@hypervillain Thanks for the feedback Hugo. They are very valid. The grand plan is to have an easy way to make it still feel like part of the user's site with options like custom domains, API and embeddable code. Getting feedback like yours will shape how that will evolve. I will fix the UX issues asap. I plan to send reminders but in a subtle way that won't be a nuisance; like once every month (irrespective of your selected frequency). And also add prompts that will help in the reminder.
Love the look of this, great job!
Cool idea! I really like the clean design.