Now 2.0

Now makes serverless application deployment easy.

Now 2.0 is a simple but robust serverless application deployment platform that feels like a build system, allowing you to easily develop, manage and deploy your apps.

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Aaron O'Leary
Community @producthunt. Chef.
How does differ from the likes of Netlify?
Anna Filou
Tech Geek, Web Designer, Illustrator
@aaronoleary my thoughts exactly. I’d also like to know how this is different. It looks like a stripped-down version of Netlify.
Brian CoxStartup as a service
@aaronoleary Seems like Netlify is really big on static deployments (like a blog or even up to a React app) but isn't as keen on deploying APIs and Docker apps. I'm sure it can, but searching "Netlify deploy docker" leads me on a hunt for docs, but "Zeit now deploy docker" gets right to it.
Brian CoxStartup as a service
The Zeit team knows what they're doing (Hyperterminal, NextJS, Now). Probably the simplest way to deploy a docker/node app to a https custom domain. I'd be using this in production if it wasn't for free AWS credits holding me back 😉
Warren ParadTechnology Innovator
To be honest, I am really confused what I am getting here as far as a product goes. There are tons of open source libraries to automatically deploy to all the cloud environments for free. Why would I want to pay for managed? Some of the other comments talk about how one specific alternative is similar, which is also paid, but what we should be talking about is what it is that the cloud providers don't offer that something like this is necessary. After working with a number of companies both large and small, it seems each of them thinks "their software is the best" and tries to sell their infrastructure solution over the open source alternatives. I have yet to find one which was actually better than community supported, but please let me know what we are missing, I would love to find good alternatives to my current toolkit.
Lee Qixian
Full-stack Developer
I have been using NextJS and absolutely love what Zeit is doing. I'll probably try this one day should it fit into my needs, not now though 😉