Novi Security

Home security. No Contracts. No Monthly Fees. (Kickstarter)

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Wade Anderson, co founder of Novi Security. We differentiate from Dropcam and others by being simpler, discreet, more affordable for additional coverage, battery powered, and picture capture rather than video footage. Our market research shows a large customer segment that don't want the amount of features (environmental sensors, live video feed, etc.) that our competitors offer. Simple picture notification. No monthly fees. No contract.
@waderyan27 How are people responding to the picture vs video thing? Any pushback?
@jtriest I've had three people ask about video so far. Mostly comments and messages have asked about getting a picture on demand, anytime - which our app does.
@waderyan27 how often does it take pictures? Will I get a shot of an intruders back instead of something identifiable etc?
@jtriest good question. The camera takes three pictures at half second interval each time its tripped and each time you request the pictures from the app. Its definitely possible to get a picture that is hard to identify. At that point you can 1) request another picture 2) take other action (contact a neighbor, call the police, etc.).
This is a busy space. Would really like to hear from the founders how they differentiate from others like Dropcam (now Nest and Dropcam... powerful duo) etc...