Create your permanent public speaking portfolio.

Notist is more than just the slides.

Notist is a hub for your speaking events. Yes, a place to share your slides, but also to collate feedback, tweets, photos, sketchnotes and everything to create your permanent speaking portfolio.

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Hi, I'm Drew, one of the two people working on Notist. Rachel and I both speak at a lot of events, and were frustrated that there's no good place to keep a public record of presentations. You can put slides online (although most of the options are poor) but event websites often go offline, and social media comments are fleeting. Video and photos might get posted someplace, but how does anyone find them? Notist helps you keep a record of your presentations, descriptions and links, captured video, event info and social media reaction all in one place that you - the public speaker - have ownership of. We're in beta at the moment, and are busy integrating with different products for pulling together a rich public speaking profile. (Recent additions are embedding dynamic slide decks from places like, and code examples from CodePen.) We'd love to know what you think, and what sort of content you'd like to see made easy to tie in to your presentations.
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I'm in the beta and love what I've seen so far. I used to use a tool (now shut down) to collect social media reactions about my talk. Even then there was no context as they weren't accompanied with slides or videos. Notist allows me to display all of this stuff in one place. Anybody who does speaking at meet-ups / events will find this valuable.
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A much needed replacement for the now defunkt Lanyrd!
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@mxstbr There's certainly an overlap in functionality in many regards. However, Notist is focussed on the people on stage rather than those running the event.
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This is really promising. The ability to gather resources for a presentation before it happens, and then combine that with more content and coverage afterwards is really useful. I'm also a big fan of the ability to consume the content through an API. It gives me the chance to manage the list if my upcoming conference talks directly on Notist, so details and resources are published there, but also use the API to bring that content into my own website too. Exposing speaker notes in the slide-by-slide view of speaker decks gives my content life beyond the moment of presenting. A great combination of capabilities.
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Reminds me a bit of cc @loic
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