Notion for Android

The all-in-one workspace - notes, tasks, wikis, & databases

#5 Product of the MonthJune 2018

Notion for Android is finally here!

It's your all-in-one workspace for notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. It also works offline and syncs great with the browser/iOS/Mac/Windows app!

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  • Just S
    Just SOwner, Simple Lotus

    Clean, simple design, Intuitive, Active development, Extremely personal and customizable, Generous free account level


    Missing an easier way to quickly get data into the system (web-clipper on desktop, share on mobile.) Not great for task management/reminders

    The Notion for Android experience is fantastic!

    I've been using Notion since beta (about 14 months) and Notion for Android since Beta batch 1 (about 3 months) and from the very first day that I tried Notion it has been in my top five tools. I love the product overall and it was actually a great experience in the mobile browser before any apps were available, though I was jealous when they released the iOS app in September ;-D. I have been a premium user since January.

    I love just about everything in Notion. Especially the active development. New features are well thought out, useful, and communication is great. My favorite aspect of Notion is that it is a truly personal experience. The user decides how to build the ecosystem and the customizations and options feel endless. The Android app is very close to the desktop experience with most features available and the UI+UX solid. Visually I prefer the web or desktop because I appreciate seeing a broader landscape of my choices/data but I haven't found many things that I need to do on Android that are not available to me. The app is speedy and has been reliable since the day I installed the first beta. It seems to be light and never shows up as a resource hog on any of my devices.

    I don't find much lacking in the app. Anything that is not there I have failed to notice. If there are missing elements they are probably features that I wouldn't or haven't needed to use on mobile or they are also missing on desktop/web..

    As far as the overall tool, I find the most significant missing feature to be a web-clipper/easier way to quickly get data into the system. I continue to use Milanote, Evernote, and other curation tools because of the web-clippers.

    Some minor gripes:

    *Tries to do a wide variety of functions, maybe too many. Then again maybe not :-)

    *The addition of charts and tables is a cool idea but a long way to go to match Airtable. Also missing all of the shareable views that make that tool great.

    *Not a great experience for true task management especially with passive reminders and lack of integrations with email and calendars. It is not going to replace a Wunderlist/Todoist or even a Trello/Asana for that type of functionality. At least not yet.

    I use Notion as my "final destination"/knowledge repository. Everything I do or collect in other tools eventually makes its way into Notion, whether by import or link. Notion is my master collection. Very pleased with Notion, happy to see them featured again on PH, and wish them continued success!

    Just S has used this product for one year.
  • Fernando Parra
    Fernando ParraPollenizer

    Powerful, elegant and simple platform for personal and team in-context communication, action planning and internal/external documentation.


    Databases are not as advanced as Airtable's (group view missing). Regular formatted tables don't exist either.

    Notion is definitively a huge contender to every state-of-the-art collaboration product out there. It will be interesting to see how this new fight between Airtable, Notion, and Coda plays out. It is the most powerful amongst the three in terms of layout flexibility and clean interface, although lagging behind in terms of computing and visualizing data.

    I'd love to see better API integrations, and possibly (putting this one out there, hoping that the founders see this), an ability for users to query a Workspace via GraphQL.

    Fernando Parra has used this product for one year.


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Ivan Zhao
Ivan ZhaoHunterHiring@ivanhzhao · Co-founder, Notion
Hey guys, Notion co-founder here 👋🤓 Since we launched the iOS app 8 months ago, our #1 request has been the Android app (duh). Now it's finally ready! It's the perfect companion to your web and desktop Notion experience. Get it from the Play Store ( and try these: - Drag & drop editing (via press + hold): super handy for organizing lists or prioritizing to-dos. - Folder-less organization: Notion is like notes meets wikis. You can nest pages inside each other and easily interlink between them. - Sync with everywhere: use it in the browser, or download Notion for Mac/Windows - Offline mode: The Android app will cache pages for offline access (you'll need to visit them once while you're still online – we'll introduce a full offline mode at some point!) P.S. Thank you if you were one of our beta testers (a lot ProductHunters are). It's hard to build an editor that works on multiple platforms – all your feedback and patient debugging sessions made it possible 😚 P.P.S We are also introducing a cheaper personal plan at $4/month!
Arvid Bux
Arvid Bux@arvid
@ivanhzhao Thanks for adding the Android app so quickly.
Jérémie Doucy
Jérémie Doucy@jdoucy · Fullstack dev
@ivanhzhao Your link to the pricing page is broken in your P.P.S :-)
Hao Jiang
Hao Jiang@hao582307236 · Producer, fun seeker
@ivanhzhao Oh my, it was you who replied to my bug report email on Notion. Man, you are the first co-founder I've seen that replied on a bug report by himself. Or that was one of your staff pretending to be you.
Ivan Zhao
Ivan ZhaoHunterHiring@ivanhzhao · Co-founder, Notion
@jdoucy Fixed. Thank you!
Don VC
Don VC@concordio · Market Analyst
@ivanhzhao thanks for adding the personal plan! I was definitely one of the folks requesting a lower priced tier, and I'm glad to see it's an option now!
Owen Williams
Owen Williams@ow · Building re:Charged.
Notion basically changed the entire way I work, and organize my day, and I'm so glad they have an Android app so quickly! Big fan, and this just made it even more of a core part of my day. Keep it up!
Alan Ng.
Alan Ng.Pro@nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 · Marketing Manager at Habitify
Lovely! I use Notion interchangeably on web and on my computer. Now I can finally delete Trello on my phone :)
Sean Byrne
Sean Byrne@prawnbyrne · Head of Marketing and Development
@tuanmon1604 I agree, my Trello boards were getting too crowded and required a lot of review management. Notion has a better way of indexing and keeping the user journey flowing
Alan Ng.
Alan Ng.Pro@nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 · Marketing Manager at Habitify
@prawnbyrne glad to find someone with the same idea! My company has moved everything to Notion after purchasing it!
Anton.Bal@amstb1 · Content Manager@Jimmy Joy
YEET, as a die hard android and MacOS user, this tickles my pickle. Good job team, downloading now! Still only use it for my own note / organization purposes, and of course have had to use other android apps for small note taking on the go, now I can unify my ish.
lucas morales
lucas morales@lucaslsf · Designer @Bontouch Stockholm
Notion quickly became a vital app for both my personal and professional life. Knowing that all my life is organized in the same place and not having to worry about what tool to use makes a Notion subscription a no-brainer.