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Hi Product Hunt! Thanks @chrismessina! I'm Dave, one of the founders of Notion. After years of running product and engineering teams, we were sick of using spreadsheets to track team performance and product experiments. "BI" tools are expensive and didn’t give us what we needed, so we built Notion. Notion is a pragmatic way of tapping into how your product and team are performing. It's a new way to manage and understand all your internal data. We want to solve your pain points around running your teams, and we're here to share everything we've learned. Looking forward to your feedback!
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I've received a couple direct messages, so thought I'd add some additional info here for clarity: In addition to our manual data capture workflow around custom recipes and team polls, we currently have direct integrations with Pivotal Tracker and Zendesk. Our JIRA integration is in beta testing as well -- just let us know if you are interested in it, and we can turn it on for you. (You can request integrations here: We also just rolled out an API that allows you to push data from any of your sources. It's a handy way to import historicals (say from a Google Sheet) or to automate the reporting process on ingredients. We use it internally to pull over numbers from Hubspot, and some of our customers have used it to send in data from Intercom as well as their own databases. Excited to be listed today. Thanks @chrismessina and everyone for checking us out. Please feel free to ask any questions about the product, I'll be more than happy to answer.
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We've been using Notion for a while now and couldn't be happier!
As a PM at Notion, I am very curious to hear what product people's needs are around using their internal data (engineering team, customer feedback, app data) to make decisions. Ideally, sharing information should be easy, visual and give your product team a more reliable source to plan with. We've also noticed that tracking your team's insights about their process (confidence in releases, team communication) is a good thing to compare to the other performance metrics you track. Feel free to contact me directly if you have questions.
Great stuff - excellent site design as well
@jydesign Thanks, James. 🙌
@jydesign Thanks James! That's all @sproutworx :) Our focus is to make all the data visualization and reporting simple, fast, and beautiful, so we can all focus on building awesome product.