Notification system for your web app in less than a minute

You can use Notific to implement a full notification system (presentation & delivery) for your web app in less than 60 seconds.

- Full notification center UI/UX

- Embed with just one line of code

- Send public notifications to all your users

- Send private notifications to authenticated users

- Send email notifications

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Ohhh damn. I've looking for something like this for months!! Didn't want to go with GetStream because the setup was way too complex and the json returned by the API needed a LOT of transformation. This looks exactly like what I needed, but I ended up coding my own solution! Will definitely bookmark for future projects, looks great ;)
@nicguti thanks! And I feel you man. Been there too. That's why we created Notific. Hope we can help you in the future. :)
@haapahovi is there any plan in the roadmap to add native support for mobile? ios/android?
@nicguti yes! We have mobile support on our roadmap. :)
@haapahovi niceeee!! I'll be keeping an eye on the product then :) Good luck!
Looks very nice. Will be following for potential future use.
Nice work guys, great hunt! looking slick.

This product has a great landing page! Looks really promising. I will try it out on a personal project and share my feedback here.


Elegant UI, easy to use API, 14 days trial offering


Nothing yet. Might update this section once i use this product.

This is awesome! Can you throw some light on how this is different from GetStream?
@msahajwani Thanks! With Notific you get also the notification center UI/UX for your web app, so it's not just backend product. :) And also our notifications can be sent via email and maybe in the future via sms or push.