Noted SMS

Simple SMS-powered notes

Noted is an SMS-powered note taking app. Text us your notes and we'll help keep them organized. Mobile app not included πŸ”‹πŸ“
Our example list is weird. Make a better one! Text (855) 963-1871 the word 'Hi' to get started.
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I always text myself little reminders/notes and forget about them - and if I'm not forgetting about them, I'm sorting through dozens of incoming/outgoing messages. Not anymore :~)
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@colgworld not sure if this is on your roadmap but I send myself a lot of notes in Slack. Have you thought of adding a Slack integration?
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@robert_zalaudek Oooooo that's a good one. I'm thinking about it now Rob!
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@colgworld Glad you like it. Congrats on the launch!
Do we have to pay for the SMS?
It isn't working for me. Non of the messages I send to this number are being delivered.
@dormilon Hm. I'm curious what carrier you have (if you wouldn't mind sharing)
@colgworld Verizon. I thought maybe there were a lot of people using the service because of the mention on Product Hunt. 😁
@colgworld congrats on launch! πŸš€ Loved this and signed up ASAP...I also find texting myself notes and to-dos more effective than other to-do apps and productivity journals. Curious to know if you plan on adding a snooze feature down the road or to remind you about your notes throughout the day (eg morning, afternoon, evening). Also, do we have to pay for this or what are your plans on monetizing from this down the road? πŸ€”
@antonio_dmya I appreciate the kind words! I'm planning on adding a few features, some that are reminder-based, and others that may be really helpful for organizing the messages/notes. As for monetization, that's still up in the air for now too. I'm open to any ideas! LOL