Beautiful audio note-taking in your pocket

#4 Product of the DayMarch 30, 2018

Noted is a beautiful audio recording and note-taking iOS app for lectures, meetings, interviews, conferences and more, making it super-easy for you to record every moment with confidence.

Every word you type is instantly timestamped, so your notes synchronize effortlessly with your recording.

Perfect for Students 📚 and Professionals 👨‍💻

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TerenzeMaker@terenzeyuen · MD, Owner, Digital Workroom, Noted
Hi all, thank you for hunting us! The idea sparked from challenges we see that many students and business professionals face - an incomplete tool for their daily writing and revising. Many of us now like to use audio as a form of contextual note-taking but a common problem is that the recording is separate from our notes. Our app not only bridges that missing link but with extended features, so that everything is synchronised and all in one place! Also, we actually have an existing page on Product Hunt. Not sure if we could combine both?
Joseph Sunny@joseph_sunny · Co-founder,
@terenzeyuen Thank you! Been waiting for something like this! 😻
TerenzeMaker@terenzeyuen · MD, Owner, Digital Workroom, Noted
@joseph_sunny thank you!! Love your BMC too!
AngiePro@angeliquesocial · Founder of YourApparel
Hi @terenzeyuen, I think Noted is one of the most advanced note taking apps out there. What inspired you to build Noted?
KennaHunter@kenna · Telecommunications Engineer (PMO)
@terenzeyuen @angeliquesocial sorry took me a while to respond, on a different timezone.
Vincent LoiMaker@vincentloi1204 · Software Engineer @ Noted
Hi @angeliquesocial, thanks for the kind words! ❤️ Adding on to the response from @terenzeyuen, the inspiration actually kinda came from shower thoughts 😂 but all jokes aside - the foundation of Noted was initially driven by students and the needs we saw from our fellow friends that were studying at University. After seeing their workflow, we think there could be a better way to maximise their learning experience with more effective tools. Of course, the brainstorming has led to making the companion which we believe fits for others too like business professionals, journalists and (from some user feedback) even songwriters! I'm personally excited to see the different use cases of and perhaps any of your own potential areas of use too.
Prashant Choubey@choubeysahab
Any plans for Android?
Vincent LoiMaker@vincentloi1204 · Software Engineer @ Noted
@choubeysahab Hi Prashant, we'd love to bring Noted to more platforms in the future so it's definitely in our minds 🤔
Vincent LoiMaker@vincentloi1204 · Software Engineer @ Noted
Hi Product Hunters! 👋 Thanks @kenna for hunting us ❤️I'm Vincent, one of the Software Engineers behind @EverythingNoted and I'm really excited to share our app with the Product Hunt community! I have personally added a few links above, including a live interview 🙈 which will give you more of an insight into how Noted was built and our visions for the future. This is just the beginning, we've added Sketch to our latest update and there's a lot more to come. While my team is continuously working on new things, I'll be here to discuss or answer anything that comes up. Always looking forward to hearing any reviews too 😉
KennaHunter@kenna · Telecommunications Engineer (PMO)
@everythingnoted @vincentloi1204 You're welcome! I have to say, I use my Android phone more than the iPhone and it will great to have it on the Android soon. Having this on the iPad is pretty useful though. Or iPod support (yes, I'm one of those who still has an iPod).
Vincent LoiMaker@vincentloi1204 · Software Engineer @ Noted
@kenna You're not the first one to say but yes I'd certainly like to support as many platforms possible! That's great - have you tried our sync feature? We're always improving the experience for our iPad users and in fact just rolled out sketch with full support for Apple Pencil if you're someone who likes to doodle ;)
AngiePro@angeliquesocial · Founder of YourApparel
Hi @kenna, thanks for sharing Noted with us! Can you add @terenzeyuen as a maker? Thanks a lot 😃