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#4 Product of the DayOctober 14, 2018
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No software, just a sticker. All of the prestige, all of the drawbacks. A seamless experience across all devices.

With manufacturers across the mobile industry scrambling to put phones out with the iconic top-mounted obstruction, it became clear that this was something all users needed.

A simple sticker. A symbol. A lifestyle.

  • Pros: 

    I can finally pretend to be in with the times with my "old" iPhone 7 Plus


    Might not be ever able to take selfies again, but then again this is probably a service to the greater instagram community.

    This is a product we've long waited for but not seen. It might be a sticker but it's so much more. It's a call out to the weird design idiosyncrasies that have not only crept into phone/device design but have now strangely been co-opted by companies who couldn't think for themselves. Notch is a straight up old-fashioned callout; it is the simplest, yet purest way of making a statement that phones purported as luxury devices have gone a step too far with design decisions and need a reality check on how absurd they are.

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  • Ali Salah
    Ali SalahMaker, developer and 🤔️-fanboy

    Finally, a notch for the masses!


    A notch on the door may block opening it, but it could be useful for stranger recognition 🤔

    You don't have to pay a premium to get a notch. This sticker brings notch scalability to the next level !

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Nick@deleted-1405302 · bom bulinat
well, this is stupid...
Charles Wong
Charles WongMaker@charles_wong2
Thanks @madebytushar for hunting us! Hi Hunters! We're software engineers from Singapore doing a fun side project. Notch is part fun, part social commentary on the state of the tech industry. With the release of the iPhone XS and Pixel 3, we felt now was the time to tell the world how we felt about mobile phone design. The notch was a controversial design element on the original iPhone X. There was no going about it - it was a flaw. The strange thing was that instead of rejecting it, the rest of the mobile industry began to adopt it on the rest of their devices! As engineers, we felt the notch represented the ridiculousness of the tech industry today, and we wanted to poke fun at the whole thing. What better way than to sell something inherently silly? Think of Notch as a tongue-in-cheek jab at what consumer tech has become! Hope you get a chuckle out of it and may it brighten your day! Throw us an upvote, share and back us if it made you laugh! 😀 Wouldn't be possible without help from our friends and the support of our backers <3
Aditya Manikashetti
Aditya ManikashettiMaker@_mmaditya
Thank you @madebytushar for hunting us! Dear Hunters, We hope you enjoy what the campaign stands for and share our passion for the silly in it.
John Foster
John Foster@jhon_foster · QA
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Law Student|Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊 Very happy to have it on product hunt!!
Dayal@dayaldave · Freelance UI/UX Designer
@ayush_chandra Seriously?! Are you a human or bot ?!!!!
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Law Student|Tech Evangelist
Charles Wong
Charles WongMaker@charles_wong2
@ayush_chandra Thanks so much!