The Bill Clinton Tinder game

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Do you have a difficult time distinguishing between Bill Clinton and others? Ever get confused by all of the political mumbo-jumbo in the media today? Well now is your chance to become a pro from the comfort of your own mobile device!

Introducing: NotBillClinton, the most innovative and educational application on the market today. Try it for free!

It’s easy to play! If you see Bill Clinton on your screen, swipe right. If it's not Bill Clinton, swipe left.

You gain 1 point for a correct swipe and lose 1 point for a wrong swipe. You have 30 seconds.

Good Luck!

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Hey guys! This is a funny little game my friend and I created. It started out as a joke, hence the ridiculousness. We were joking about creating an email newsletter where all you receive is pictures of people that are not Bill Clinton (we really have nothing to do's sad). But we thought that it could be a funny game, especially with the election. It's our first app. so please let us know how we did! EDIT: We just released an update that fixed a MAJOR crash bug. Sorry for the inconvenience!
There's a Tinder for everything. Really.
@rrhoover Lol I didn't know that haha. Thanks for commenting! EDIT: @nivo0o0 We just released a promo video. If you get a moment, check it out and let me know what you think!
This is hilarious! A+ job on the video too!
@abe_storey Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy it!
@abe_storey If you can, please go vote for it for WTF Product of the Year!
@steftheo11 you should make a tinder for Bill Clinton (or any celeb).. User acts like he is the celeb and is looking for a date. Potential matches for Bill could include, Hillary, Monica, trump..etc.. Oh the fun that could be had lol. When there's a match the chatting begins! 😂