Shortcuts for quickly emailing notes to yourself & others

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 06, 2018

:Notabene is the fastest way to send email (with text, voice, transcription, or photos) to 'saved shortcuts' (like notes to yourself, to an assistant, your roommates, et al.)

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This is a great app name
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Nice work @lessin & @kortina, I'm looking forward to using the app! I was reading over the privacy policy and see that any information I send using Notabene, whether it be a voice recording or a note, can be read at any time. What does the privacy policy mean when this is stated? Aside from this concern, I can't wait to use Notabene! Cheers!
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This is a clever way to onboard people into Fin's virtual assistant offering. I expect to see prompts to outsource todos and tasks, a good way to show the potential value in the product to new users.
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I was hoping this would be a single purpose app for sending emails, like some others I’ve lived in the past - but the emails aren’t from you they’re from the app :/ Otherwise, app is fast, love the simple design, and I might be able to use it for its intended purpose I’ll just have to think a little harder :)
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@maiab hey! so the way we handle that is that the emails come from your name, and then the reply-to is the address that you validated... so a recipient can naturally reply and threads work as they would with any other client. We don't want to send email 'spoofing' your gmail or anything because we think that is kinda scary (and hurts our spam scores, etc) -- practically though i think it does what you are asking!
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