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The best alternatives to Not Depressing News are Google News, Unfiltered.news, and Swiipe News. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Not Depressing News
The smarter, simpler way to analyze your data

  • Google News organizes what’s happening in the world to help you learn more about the stories that matter to you.

  • What the world is talking about, visualized graphically

  • Swiipe is a different take on reading the latest headlines from 50+ of your favourite news sources (250+ more coming soon) all displayed in an interactive swipe interface

  • A free Product development focused newsletter written by @marieprokopets and @hnshah, co-founders of @usefyi🚀

  • Search worldwide news articles and headlines from all over the web in real-time with our free News API.

  • Use it while reading news in order to get similar but contradicting stories from other publishers. We're offering you multiple opposed articles to what you're currently reading, while still surfing your favorit...

  • Every day, Memento distills the main points from the news (facts/events, not opinions), and displays them on a concise timeline. Then, you get quizzed on them. Research shows a short quiz after reading boosts m...

  • Thumbs up News is a website that shows only positive news. The news are scrapped from RSS feeds from different news websites and a sentiment analysis classifier runs over the news to filter through the data and...

  • This extension is for those who needs news from all sources. You can select country, category or search news from search box. News around the world. News as it happens. News at your NewTab. Unbiased news, news ...

  • A minimalist news aggregator that offers users the most relevant headlines without switching tabs or long scrolls. The user experience offers controls over sources and categories. This is only the first version...

  • Newscafe helps you Move Closer To Your World. • Get news updates from the entire country (Currently India only) • Browse news articles by category (Globally supported) • Use our fast and powerful search functio...