Not Boring is the most fun way to study business strategy, trends, and events - think of it like a more fun MBA in your inbox. A mix of analysis, pop culture, frameworks, and humor, 2x/week. Now with a homepage to give us a place to connect and grow.
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I have been writing a newsletter for a year, but about three months ago, when quarantine started, I decided to turn it into a real thing. I changed the name from Per My Last Email to Not Boring, tightened the focus to business strategy through analysis, pop culture, frameworks, and humor, and decided to grow it. I set a goal of getting to 1,000 subscribers by the end of quarantine (I was at 473 then), and blew through that, so now our goal is to get to 5,000 by the end of summer. We're well on our way - currently at 1,850. We’re launching our homepage today because we want to tell the story behind Not Boring and connect directly with new readers. Substack’s product experience is very limited, so this site provides a sandbox to design unique branding and test new product integrations like referral programs and community chat. We did a full write up on the “tech stack,” which will be sent out to subscribers first (of course!) and then posted here. We’re really excited to get this out to the world. Newsletters have gotten a bad rap for too long - and that's fair, a lot of them are boring - but we promise this one isn't and we're here to answer any questions you have!
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@packym good concept thanks for sharing.
@packym Hey Packy, this is really cool! I have a Substack newsletter and have been thinking I need to build out a better homepage for it, so am looking forward to seeing how you did it. I signed up for your newsletter a couple of days ago, but have you already sent out the post on your tech stack? Thanks and amazing work!
Big fan of Packy's newsletter. I love the SaaS space and currently Packy's piece on Zoom and Slack has been the article I've shared most in the last 30 days.
@stusim I appreciate that Stuart! Means a lot. Thanks for being the first commenter and getting this party started!!
100% Not Boring
@antdke that stamp means a lot!
really enjoying being a subscriber! #typehouse
@nbt #typehouse! Thank you, Nikhil, I really appreciate it!
I have been completely hooked on this newsletter since the Schumpeter's Gale analysis. Layoffs due to COVID-19 were sudden, unnerving, and unprecedented, but Packy's comparison to the creative destruction of the beloved Mickey Mouse Club put a positive and hopeful spin on an otherwise unfortunate circumstance. I can always count on Not Boring for exciting and independent perspective. Can't wait to keep reading and learning!
@samantha_gamba Thank you, Sam!! I'm glad the Mickey Mouse Club landed and hopefully that one turns out to be right :)