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At Nosy, we invite a different world-class expert every month to select three of his favorite wines from all over the world that we ship directly to your door.

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Hi Hunters! Marta here from Nosy. We created Nosy because we were tired of always drinking the same old wines or never knowing which great wines we should be drinking. We know the world of wine can be daunting, with more than 3 million wine brands is almost impossible for a wine consumer to know what to drink. We also know that life is too short to drink bad wine. An average consumer drinks around 2700 bottles in a lifetime. We turn that into 2700 unforgettable experiences. At Nosy, every month we invite a new world-class expert to select 3 of his personal favourite wines from all over the world. We then deliver them to your doorstep. But we do more than ship wine, we maximize the experience with curated content and exclusive interviews with each expert. And when we say world-class experts, we mean it. Our Nosy expert for November is Sarah Heller, the youngest Master of Wine in the world and a specialist in Italian Wines that put together a great selection for our Nosy Box. By inviting a new world-class expert every month, we ensure our Nosies discover the world of wine through the hands of the people who truly knew what they are doing. Forget about having to spend hours staring at supermarket shelves, with Nosy you will be drinking the wines experts themselves drink when dining with friends. How cool is that? We just launched Nosy in Europe and are getting great feedback so far: Thanks for all the upvotes and comments! If you’d like to discuss Nosy in more detail please shoot.

Help me found some Portuguese great wines that otherwise will probably never drink them. Top for wine lovers.


Excellent choices of wine, will help you find a lot of good surprises


Nothing to say.

There are a bunch of wine delivery and monthly box subscriptions. How is Nosy different (other than the fun branding 😊), @marta+maia?
@rrhoover At Nosy, the wines you receive every month are chosen by world-class experts that vouch for the quality of the wines. Our Nosies always know they are getting the best hidden gems with the seal of approval from Masters of Wine, Michelin star chefs, wine journalists and top critics. With other wine subscriptions, you never know who is choosing the wines, it's always the same person, and they are optimizing for price. We never interfere with the expert's choices and are optimizing for the experience of discovering great wines with a new top tier expert every month. With Nosy, you can receive wines chosen by a world class expert in Napa Valley wines in one month, an expert in Greek wines the following month and top tier expert in South American wines next. Nosy is truly the best way to discover the wines that the experts themselves are drinking.

I'm currently building my own wine shelf with these amazing wines, which is great to share in great moments.

High quality service btw! :)


Great surprises at my home every month


Nothing for now

Good variety of products and every month are different.

Is a good gift to offer


Help me to discover great wines. Every month is a surprise


so far so good