North App

Simple status update tool for agencies.

North is your very own project status update tool. Write, send and get your updates acknowledged by your clients.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
I have been using north for a few months (for seo and online marketing clients) At its heart it's a simple idea, instead of having to email your clients, post an update on the project on north and they receive an email update, along with being able to login if they wish and see all previous updates, commenting, liking etc..... They have been releasing updates and enhancements all the time and plan to continue doing so. If you need an easy way to update clients on projects, whilst keeping that workflow in one place, then this is a great product for you.
@populo Thank you so much Darren, you've been one of our wonderful customers. Thanks for all your feedback which helped us shape the product in the right direction :D
Hey everyone! πŸ‘‹πŸΌ We built North for solving an internal problem of sending out project updates to our clients on a regular basis. Soon we learned that it is a common challenge faced by a lot of agencies so thought of making it a public tool. The background behind North is whenever we have to send a new update about a project to all the stakeholder, we usually do emails. But every time a new update is sent we've to invest time in adding them in the thread and also it's a pain while trying to find a specific MOM or an update or note about a project. Here is what North helps you, - Send organized invites to all the stakeholders of the project. πŸ₯ - Search for any update you made over the life of the project with single search option πŸ”Ž - Customize the email sender information. 🧩 - Categorize each update under predefined categories or custom categories. πŸ“‚ - Collaborate on update then and there. 🀝 - Stakeholders can acknowledge an update. πŸ‘ - Ability to see who all saw the update. πŸ‘‰ - Publish an update to anyone with Public Links πŸš€ We're rolling out new updates every week, would love to hear all your feedback :D Keep the customers informed & engaged with North.
That "acknowledge" button is gold. Getting the client an update is one thing, but to have a paper trail of approvals can be a big challenge β€” congrats on seeing that gap and creating a solve.
@tim_haskins Thanks Tim :) Even we faced the trouble of getting the updates signed off. We wanted to enforce this with North so that it's easier while looking back.
Oh nice, turns out someone remembers about the agencies still :)
Agreed, the β€œacknowledge” button is an amazing product thinking.