The sexiest Mac app for VPN

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  • Jp Valery
    Jp ValeryCustomer Success @ LANDR / Ex-Gameloft

    Best value for price

    Best encryption

    Fast networks



    Grab their deals for 2 years for 79USD.

    Jp Valery has used this product for one year.
  • Kevin Camellini
    Kevin Camellini👨‍🎓👨‍💻

    Reliable, secure



    Good vpn app, stable, good looking, good privacy practices 'supposedly'. Wold recommend.

    Kevin Camellini has used this product for one year.


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Marty P. Kamden
Marty P. KamdenMaker@kmartyp · CMO at
Thrilled to be here! We’re super proud of this app, which is truly a community build - our team had consulted with our customers and over 1000 beta testers to build the best UX. Give it a try! We are running a discount campaign for PH users with a code "producthunt" that allows PH community to try the new app for $2.99/month:
Nice to see Nord on PH! I signed up about a month ago. I don't use it at home as often as I thought I would (it's mostly reliable, but not quite reliable enough to guarantee a fast connection 100% of the time) but almost always use it in the office and on public wifi. Best thing is that you can quickly see the ping and load of each server, helping you choose the best performing location. I also installed it on my iPhone and iPad - both work great, though unfortunately disconnects each time you lock the phone (I assume this is in Apple's control). And from what I could tell when I was comparing Nord with other VPNs, they're one of the few that don't share your data with third-parties. Keep up the good work, @kmartyp & team!
Jon Callahan
Jon Callahan@jondcallahan · Web Developer
@kmartyp I'd love to give it a try but the coupon code doesn't appear to be working :(
Marty P. Kamden
Marty P. KamdenMaker@kmartyp · CMO at
@jondcallahan while in our checkout page, be sure to select 1 month plan and enter the coupon in the field below. After you go to the second step (payment) you should see the updated price. Let me know if this does the trick!
Patrick Thompson
Patrick Thompson@neurohacked
@kmartyp So this deal is only available for one month?
Marty P. Kamden
Marty P. KamdenMaker@kmartyp · CMO at
@unseenvision Thank you for asking. You can take advantage of this deal longer on a renewal basis.
Eddy Balcikonis
Eddy BalcikonisHunter@edmundas4 · CEO, TrackDuck
Finally something that not only protects your traffic but also looks good :)
Francesco Pretelli
Francesco Pretelli@xeo_it · Mobile Team Lead
The app is great and the service is fantastic, I am using it since the beginning of this year and I couldn't be more satisfied. Keep up with the great work guys!
Drew Wolfe
Drew Wolfe@wolfelogic · Dir. Ops.
I've been using the beta almost as long as it's been out (a stark contrast from having to use Tunnelblick) and it's been awesome! I feel kinda silly not having been the one to bring it to producthunt... The accolades (and I think we can agree, the app itself) have been long overdue.
Nobel Chang
Nobel Chang@nobelchang · Co-founder & CEO of Easy Streak
your description got me hahah checking it out now!
Eddy Balcikonis
Eddy BalcikonisHunter@edmundas4 · CEO, TrackDuck
@nobelchang did you find what you expected? :)