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NoPhone English Reborn

Version 2 of the app that won't let you use your Phone


NoPhone is a Minimal Android App Launcher that takes up your Home Screen and stops you from using those time consuming apps => https://www.producthunt.com/posts/nophone-2

Now it 's completely rewritten from scratch in Android Native, complete with selection of two custom apps, dark theme, easier settings access, my love, and magic ;D

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Adam Fallon
Sandeepa Nadahalli
Tom Johnson
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  • Anna Filou
    Anna FilouTech Geek, Web Designer

    Minimal, eye-pleasing design, VERY fast after Android Native update, stable


    Only 2 custom apps, no icons

    I know the point of the app is to be minimal and don't get me wrong, I do like this, but I feel that "minimal" should not equal "almost useless".

    2 apps: 1 of them has to be the Camera for me (and most people) since that's one of the few smartphone apps that really do make the user's life better.

    So that leaves 1 app slot. I put Telegram because that's my messenger of choice BUT a lot of my contacts use only What'sApp. Same things with other apps but this is the best example.

    Also, an integrated not-taking utility would be great for when you really need to note something down that's not a task but don't want to deal with the clutter of most apps.

    In conclusion, I think it should allow you to use more apps. And maybe include a minimal icon pack :)

    That's all.

    Anna Filou has used this product for one month.
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  • Adam Fallon
    Adam Fallonsoftware engineer

    + Slick interface

    + Dark theme is nice


    - Wish I could switch out the phone app for something else. Might sound silly but I really don't phone many people.

    Great little utility! Got a credit from the play store which made the pro version only cost 29p ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    Adam Fallon has used this product for one day.
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  • Brandon Oxendine
    Brandon OxendineLeading design at getGrover.com

    Simple UI that "reinvents" Android


    Dark theme costs money, "Phone" app shortcut is permanent (I never talk on the phone), introduce a better way to monetize

    Love the idea! Really nice launcher. I'll try it out during the work week.

    Brandon Oxendine has used this product for one day.
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