Block annoying robocallers & telemarketers

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Nomorobo (love the name) has been around a while but relatively unknown from what I've gathered. Fortunately I don't receive very many robot/telemarketer calls but I know some people have a major problem with this.
Weird, because I like getting those calls (rarely do they happen though). My goal is always to keep the other person on the line as long as possible before THEY hang up on ME for sounding like a crazy person.
This is such a massive problem for my parents. Which, makes me believe that it is probably a very targeted attack and still a huge problem nationwide.
I bet it's a major issue for anyone with very old land line numbers.
I wish there was a template for filing legal complaints about these violations of spam laws. Templates on a per-state basis, perhaps hooked in with paid option that actually mails the complaint on your behalf to the relevant agency, would be useful.