Capture customer feedback and ideas without leaving Slack

NomBot lets you capture customer feedback and ideas without leaving Slack

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Sofia Quintero
Founder and CEO EnjoyHQ
Big thanks to @chrija for hunting us! Over the last year, we've talked to many teams that struggle to keep up with all the ideas and customer feedback shared by other team members in Slack, especially by frontlines teams. We built Nombot to help you share and capture those valuable inputs without leaving Slack 👍 We look forward to hearing your feedback!
Christoph Auer-WelsbachCo-Founder, Kaizo | Founder, City.AI

For businesses that are early stage a must, it's great to iterate and test in real-time with customers; for established ones it's perfect to increase the loyal customer base and helps with go-to market


Super easy to use, helps a lot engaging customers


none yet

Patrick HaigCo-founder

NomBot (and NomNom, more broadly) makes it way easier to centralize customer feedback. It's been at the tip of the spear in our efforts to make customer feedback easier to get from client-facing teams and more central to how we make decisions, build product, and communicate.

Sofia and Lukasz have been incredibly responsive to our feedback, too, which makes the product that much more lovely. They really practice what they preach. :)


Easy to use, guided feedback submission, clean (via Slack threading), syncs any discussion on Slack thread to NomNom for better context


Preview of questions the bot will ask, so submitters can answer more accurately

MachineBox.ioCEO, Machine Box
This looks really interesting. Do you guys use any natural language processing to help categorize and organize the feedback and/or make it more searchable? If not, check out Textbox - it might be able to help you solve some of that really quickly.