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#5 Product of the DayJuly 08, 2016
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This is such a tease. If only I had time to travel. 😁
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@rrhoover Make time to travel!
@rrhoover :-) So tempting right?
I take full credit for this!
I'm getting a black screen. Am I doing the internet wrong? Safari, Mac.
@craigjbarber @levelsio me too. Chrome, Windows.
@craigjbarber had the same, with Ghostery blocking something. Maybe something like that? Disable ad-blockers temporarily?
@craigjbarber It seems if you have Adblock enabled (I had uBlock enabled), YouTube's JS embed API is blocked, try disabling it and it probably works :)
Would love to pick regions... so I could check out Indonesia videos 😍
Feature request: side bar or overlay with high-level overview of the city and its ranking. I know I can click the city name on the top left (not super clear FYI), but would be nice to have it more easily reachable IMO.
Also: monetise with interstitial video ads
@marckohlbrugge yes! will add this
@marckohlbrugge against YouTube TOS