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I read @mijustin's post on our VR world - creating your dream home in VR. I think this part of it is inevitable. Obviously travel for real when you can afford to. But this could be interesting for people who cannot travel for whatever reason, or even checking out a destination before you go!
@bentossell @mijustin I agree and love the post. I think the next step is depth scan cameras (as are in Google Street View cars) which means we'll be able to walk around in most of the big world cities and travel destinations in full VR. This will change the entire travel industry in ways we can't really imagine yet I think. It potentially makes ordinary travel boring as it can be done in VR. So IRL travel will have to evolve in to offering experiences that aren't possible in VR. What those are only time will tell.
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@bentossell @levelsio this is πŸ’―. Flying to Budapest and back from my place would put 2.80 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. I'm making a consciousness decision to fly less (I'm trying to get down to 3 round-trips per year to start). For folks like me, tools like this could allow us to explore the world... and eventually meet people from those countries as well. All virtually. I think it's awesome. πŸ™Œ
@bentossell @mijustin I'd prefer to travel through time instead of space. Every time I walk around London , I'm thinking how cool it would be if I could do a AR walk through different time periods.
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@ghromis @mijustin seems you have a side project idea.... try out
@mijustin @bentossell @levelsio teleportation would be so much cleaner.
Thanks guys + girls! Support for VR on web is still a bit rough, but if you install the WebVR build of Chrome, it should work on Oculus and Vive: You can also open the page in a VR web browser, and go from there! Worst case, you can use your mouse to move around the VR videos.
I like Levels' work and he's a very prolific (muse) maker but this is more of a lead generation post to the already well-upvoted (and excellent nonetheless) Nomad List. There is no additional technology involved in "making" Nomad List VR and this is technically not a "product", much more an aggregate of existing 360Β° video content (the first video has been created with for instance). But hey :)
@wilhempujar you're right. It's a test to validate if people are curious about travel and VR. If this takes off I can decide to start producing travel content in true VR (e.g. moving around) with 3d depth scanning in places around the world.
This is great @levelsio ! Skip the airplane, just pump up the temperature in my living room, put on my Cardboard and I'm in Rio!!
Congrats on the launch @levelsio ! Awesome job on this product πŸ‘ Nomadlist + VR = πŸ”₯ I can't wait to try it with my Google Cardboard.