Nomad List 2.0

Find the best cities to live and work remotely

#2 Product of the MonthJune 2015

Nomad List is a social network of 10,437 digital nomads. Discuss and discover the best cities to live and work remotely.

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Hi Hunters! I spent the last few months building this by myself :D Nomad List indexes the best cities where you can go to live and work remotely. I started with 25 cities and 100 data points, and now have 500+ cities and 50,000+ data points. From cost of living and internet speed, to how safe and fun a city is. I've also added 25,000+ places you can work (coffee shops, coworking spaces) and sleep (hostels and hotels). And it's integrated with my Slack group #nomads, which lets you meet other travelers in every city.
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@levelsio Phenomenal update! And smart to integrate with the various affiliate links as well (kudos for the transparency there). Down the line it would be great to see nomad photos+stories+maps from the places themselves, in addition to the practical info. We’re planning to relocate the Maptia HQ to Asia later this year so will spend a lot of quality time exploring!
@jonnym1ller Yes! Someone said I should add Instagram photos from each location (automatically), that'd be pretty cool. Maybe a blog tab, with curated stories from blogs about the cities? And where you'll be staying first?
@levelsio exactly, perhaps starting a #nomads on IG and re: curated stories I know that @peachananr posts are all tagged by place, perhaps he could assist? The Maptia HQ will be based around Hubud between Sept–December, would be awesome to see you out there!
@levelsio just a quick update ... Cubans have to apply for visa to move to Ecuador since 2016 :)
Nice work @levelsio, this is looking awesome! It might be worth hiding the visible filters behind a 'show filters' button, as on my screen I'm only able to see the first city above the fold. I noticed that 'expat' is selected by default. Do you find that Nomad List is used more by expats than nomads?
@lucasjgordon Thanks for the tip Lucas! I might make the header smaller to make that work. There was a lot of discusson on Reddit about this: NomadCost was based on my own behavior, which was staying in hotels/hostels and short-term AirBnBs. But then cost of living gets amplified a lot. I discovered that most people want to know the actual cost of living for 6 to 12 months (e.g. expat), and then I let them switch to see the NomadCost too. For the long-term it'll get more users in and scare off less users (as in "those prices are wrong, I hate this site, byeeee!")
@levelsio no problem, that'll do it! Interesting discussion, I agree with the idea of a time travel feature. That sounds like a reasonable approach. Do you think that as the lifestyle becomes more prevalent we will see more nomads staying in one place for 'expat' periods of time? I imagine this option is more suitable for families, or anyone seeking an amount of stability.
@lucasjgordon I think digital nomads are like short-term expats, that means they stay in a place for 1 to 3 months. Moving around faster than that (like every week) is too physically and mentally taxing (e.g. culture shock) to do in the long run. When digital nomads settle down, it usually means finding 2 or 3 different places and hopping from there throughout the year. Many people choose to "follow the sun", that is they skip winters in US and Europe altogether but enjoy the summers of their home countries. That sounds nice to me.
@levelsio it sounds perfect! I guess it's just a case now of adjusting the perception of how realistic this lifestyle choice actually is. And you seem to be doing a pretty good job so far, keep it up :)
Nice work! Really love the ability to filter with visa requirements. Would be great to be able to filter elements with a slider instead of toggles. Eg. Have internet filter with a slider "from 1Mbps to 165Mbps" instead "Slow, Fast, Super Fast".
@simoelalj thanks! I agree, I'll change it into a slider.
Great updates! I highly recommend the PDF city guides too, the Chiang Mai one was very helpful 👌
Looking really, really good @levelsio! Already was a fan of the site (helped me to pick Buenos Aires as my most recent city and I'll be checking it for every upcoming trip as well). Kudos :)
@emarky Thanks Wilco!