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this is the best thing I've seen on Product Hunt maybe ever. @levelsio you're amazing. now where did I put my passport? also, Product Hunters - is anyone up for doing a two-week hackcation at Surf Office? we should organise it. and put the things we build on PH obviously.
@jongold I would be super down for Product Hunt Surf Camp. Product Surf?
@jongold That would be very cool!
@jongold depending on the timing...but hell yah!
@thejulielogan @tylr @jongold yes x 100. We're close to releasing the API and plan to host a hackathon. We'll open it up to the world, of course but may also host something at @Noah_L's castle (no joke). :)
@jongold @levelsio @rrhoover @tylr @thejulielogan Yeah! Come to the island. I'll be there from october on. I can show you the best places and we can hack together :-)
The latest of @levelsio 's recent startups launches: - http://www.producthunt.com/posts... - http://www.producthunt.com/posts... - http://www.producthunt.com/posts... They all look beautiful. @levelsio: What is consuming most of your time?
Thanks @yvoschaap! I think my time is about fairly divided between front-end, back-end and marketing. I'd say marketing is the most painful thing consuming my time though. It's just not fun to beg journalists to write about your projects, but you need to or you'll be without users. Luckily with sites like ProductHunt, it usually propagates to big blogs automatically.
Our team loves Bangkok. Def. the right combination with a booming Startup scene, low cost of living, and lots of activities in the city and close proximity. Not sure how Sofia can be so far up, I've been living there myself. I'd rather prefer the beautiful coastside in BG.
@levelsio I realise that I'm late to the thread – but love the concept! We’re currently working from our 4th continent in the last couple of years (aiming for all 7 some day!) and intend to relocate again in 2015... so this is a real gold mine of inspiration! Here are a few quick thoughts for making it even more of an awesome resource. 1) Have you thought about getting in touch with Derek Sivers (@sivers) at all? He's created a series of really awesome crowdsourced Asian Entrepreneurial guides (http://woodegg.com/) and might be interested in collaborating? 2) Drop @Bowei a line – he set up the excellent http://www.worldstartupwiki.org/ and I’m sure would also love to bounce ideas around too. 3) I’d love to see some functionality that let’s the community ‘Choose Your Own Startup Adventure’ – expanding on the criteria that you’ve already included and allow for greater serendipitous discovery of new locations based on the criteria that you enter (the team at http://teleport.org are building something like this also I believe). 4) I notice you are considering building a mobile app too. I once built an iOS app called ‘Alakazam’ – the concept was just to enter your budget and nearest airport and it then scraped the Skyscanner API to show all of the places that you could afford to get to that weekend as darts on a map (screenshot: http://bit.ly/1qQemyl) If you shook your phone it would pick one for you and send you to the booking page ;) Would be awesome to see a digital nomad version of this! Keep up the great work!
Like this. How reliable is the data? Community rating for each star could be helpful.