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I'm seeing a ton of vertical-focused livestreaming apps. @jackdweck has a nice collection of them here.
Really great work! Any fun insights gained from beta testing?
@michelle_morrison Thank you! We are lucky to know the great folks over at the GV design team, like @jakek and @jazer , and we're big believers in their approaches to prototyping and getting user feedback early. We were able to get great insights just from mock prototypes of Nom - like how it can be difficult to do things in real life (like cook) and express yourself at the same time, and how important photography and composition were. Working with chefs at amazing restaurants taught us a great deal about how makers and artists communicate through their cooking and environment. We were also able to do alot of what Google and Youtube would call "cafe studies" - actually going to a cafe and asking users to give feedback on your app. Since our app focuses on exploring the world of food (including perfecting a shot of espresso) a cafe study was a perfect fit!
The UI looks very nice! Good job!