Counter-Strike visual analytics for everyone

Counter-Strike Global Offensive analytics for everyone.
Noesis is a suite of interactive, visual analytics tools for teams of all skill levels. Noesis is used to investigate and improve own tactics, as well as analyze opponents before matches.
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Wanted to analyze Counter-Strike matches in order to improve team strategies, but existing tools were crazy expensive or not working very well. is both cheap and easy to use!
Oleg Vladimirovcool person
@micvbang Yes, I definitely agree! That's a really nice service, I like it very much! It's esepecially useful for me, because I am trying to become a professional counter strike global offensive player, and I need to improve the understanding of the game. I have already ordered a really nice cs go rank boost click here, and noticed that I am good enough to play at high ranks. I hope that one day I will become a pro player
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Super clever, @micvbang. Interesting to see esports gamers review their performance the same way a coach might review plays with their football team.
Barışdijital bi' şeyler
The product made me really hopeful! Happy to see works like that in CS community. GG WP.
Cool stuff, actually. Sadly, I can't see my skins in visual analytics. Anyway, I hope this would help my CS:GO team with tactics for the next match.
Oh, thank you for sharing! I am a big fan o counter strike global offensive, but I have a very low rank. I am trying to improve my skill, and I think that this analytic tool can be very useful for me, and I hope that I will understand the game much better and have a better performance. For now, the only thing that I can do is to order a rank boost from . Thanks to these guys I have boosted my account, and now I need to boost my skill as well. Thank you one more time for sharing!