You can now deploy your Node.js 8 applications to App Engine standard environment. App Engine is a fully-managed application platform that lets you deploy web and mobile applications without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

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I've been using App Engine Standard and Flexible for several years and I can say there are some very good improvements along with very painful limitations (for some use cases). One lesson that has been learned is to drop the GAE SDK - Node.js Standard environment differs from the older environments such as Python and Java in that there are no GAE-specific APIs. We have been encouraged to move away from GAE-specific APIs in all environments, but it's not always easy for legacy codebases. With the Node.js Standard environment you can develop and migrate apps in and out much more easily. A notable pain point which hasn't been resolved (and has open issues for years) is the limits on HTTP requests and responses, which to my understanding come from the network tier "above" the GAE instances. You still can't have streaming responses, so no websockets for one thing, and request/response size and time are limited. Though it's not specific to Node.js, I think in this era we came to expect support for streaming and websockets, and many Node.js frameworks targeting real-time apps have built in support for them (though they can fall back to long polling and work on GAE Standard). So you really need to be aware of the limitations and decide if you are willing to live with them in order to get the zero-devops-super-autoscaling capabilities of GAE Standard, or go with GAE Flexible or another PaaS.
Hey @steren, Can you tell us more about what you've built here?
@jacqvon Sorry for the late reply. I am the Product Manager for Node.js on App Engine standard environment. I can add more details to this page to explain what we've built.
I don't see any difference with what existed prior that? The previous way , create a yaml file ,choose a GCP project boom!
@gilbertmpanga12 What's new is the node runtime on the App Engine Standard environment. Until now you could only run node on the Flexible environment.
@gilbertmpanga12 Faster deployment, free tier, more cost-effective scaling.
@yatima_k i see , thanks for pointing that out.