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Great work!
As you probably know, the big things in our sphere are those that are moved by the community. Node.js is a technology that has become really popular. Its ecosystem is well -designed and brings with it the flexibility we need. With the rise of mobile development, JavaScript occupies a big part of the technology stack nowadays. The ability to use JavaScript on the server side is really interesting. It's good to know how Node.js works and where and when to use it, but it is more important to see some examples. This book will show you how this wonderful technology handles real use cases.
@krasimirtsonev - What is the difference between your book and the one written by Fernando Monteiro?
@bogomep The second edition (the one by Fernando Monteiro) is quite different as far as I can see. I mean it is still presenting Node.js in different use cases but it is written in different style. My book aims to teach basic concepts while not focusing on the exact version of Node (too much).
@krasimirtsonev Ah, thanks, good to know :)