Sustainable, flat-packed homes

#2 Product of the DayAugust 20, 2019
NODE brings sustainability mainstream by developing and testing systems for the ultimate, attainable and sustainable home. By changing the way we build, we can deliver sustainable, healthy, well-designed homes at a lower cost than conventional construction.
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Looks very interesting. - When's expected releases and the pricing per each unit? - How do these things hold up in winter places?
@kevinyun Wondering the same, plus how long they are expected to last. Will they last as long as a conventional wooden house?
@kevinyun Why they would not include pricing or even basic info baffles me...
@kevinyun @rdbrdd I think I found the pricing, under click "Check out Trillium floor plans"
@kevinyun @joeduncko Nice find! I see it now. Thanks! Those prices tho...
400sqft - $150k 600sqft - $200k 800sqft - $250k 1000sqft - $312k (two bedroom) 1000sqft - $335k (three bedroom)
I've had such a fascination for this movement and I'm so excited to see it hitting the mainstream with companies like Node becoming successful. It is really at the point where we should have sustainability in mind for most of our purchases and that includes our homes.
Are these as sturdy and well insulated as conventional houses?
@mildredalex4 yes it's made of traditional high-quality building materials. It may even be sturdier that some traditional builds and better insulated because it's built in panels. All materials are non-toxic and air quality, ventilation, etc. is all planned for of course.
Maybe this makes sense in places with super high home costs but where I live I could get double the space for less then these cost and have land included... They look amazing through. If they didn't cost a fortune and I just happened to own some land I could maybe see it... maybe...
@rdbrdd Yes in Europe these prices do not match the current offer on the market. Companies like Avrame or Q-haus (both are from Estonia, that's funny) offer high-quality prefab homes for less than that. The Russians from Dubldom are also doing a great job.
@rdbrdd @lecoupa Thanks for sharing other companies in the same field Julien
@rdbrdd @raphael_chabaud You're welcome, I love the tiny house movement. I hope everything is great on your side!
Oh man. These are amazing. Would love to see a step by step guide to actually buying and living in these.