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#5 Product of the DayJanuary 09, 2020
Nocodery is a job board by nocoders for nocoders.
Nocodery exclusively aggregates nocode job offers and gigs from multiple sources so you don't have to manually look for them on job boards, saving you precious time!
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Hey, maker here 👋 Since I changed from development to product management I've fallen in love with nocode tools that let me prototype and build apps without having to go back to coding. With the time I realized that some people look to hire people that is proficient in those tools just like designers with figma or photoshop and that there were two problems with the current solutions. 1. nocode job offers were scattered through multiple job boards. 2. It was hard to filter by a specific tool like Bubble. So I decided to build a product that addressed those problems and nocodery was born.
@gonelf congrats on the project, let's do a Lisbon #nocode meetup!
@ugo_alves Sure, shoot me an email to
What actually is `nocode`? This is a new term for me
@adam_jarvis nocode is usually used to describe a tool or software that let's you build an app or website without having to code. It's like wix but on steroids. Now you have powerful tools that let you build entire mobile apps from a google sheet or entire Saas software in without a single line of code and much faster. It is also becoming a moment of people that have no coding background build, launch and live from awesome nocode apps.
This is great @gonelf ! Congrats Gonçalo !