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This data is scraped from https://nocodelist.co/. They didn't put it together in any way.
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@danjmeehan Hey, thanks for mentioning this. We used referral links to "nocodelist" so that they still get the credits. And we left a note (in the end of the list) that the original content was taken from nocodelist
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@nikita_shevchenko1 , thanks for the explanation.
@nikita_shevchenko1 @danjmeehan @gonelf +1 for this. It's a ripoff - no doubt!
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Hey Product Hunters! We hope you will find it useful! We ❤️ NoCode
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This was completely ripped off from nocodelist.co by Drew Thomas. Have shame while copying a fellow maker. He tweeted here busting this: https://twitter.com/truedrewco/s...
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@laconeat and his friend made the ultimate list for No Code Tools. cc @bentossell @bramk
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@tchret Thank you! Proud to be listed by a top-100 Hunter!
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HI Guys, do you have a response to this: https://twitter.com/truedrewco/s.... IT looks like you copied the list from someone else.
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