Job board to fight the ageism in the tech industry

A place where "older" tech professionals find companies that value their experience
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Hi Carmen, @noageismintech interesting take on a job board. How to you vet the opportunities listed to make sure the companies actively help fight ageism in tech?
Hi @emilyjsnowdon, we are at first, trying to talk to the companies and see if they have a Diversity and Inclusion department and also articles about the theme. Which is a good indicative. It’s difficult to have a filter system for that though as we don’t know what happens during day-to-day job.
There's a story of a similar product called OldGeekJobs on IndieHackers Looks like it's out of business now, but you may find that an interesting read.
@dkb868 thanks for that. I had a look and it is quite similar. Unfortunately the website is out
As an old tech worker, I say... solid idea! :)
Excellent idea. No more "we think you're over-qualified for the position" rejections. I'm looking at you @producthunt :-)