A breastfeeding timer with Siri support 🤱🍼

Regular feeding of premature babies and newborns is very important. Noa will assist you here. Both with regular breastfeeding and feeding with a bottle.

The focus has been placed on fast operation: You can start the time recording with just a tap.

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Hey PH 👋 Since a couple of weeks I'm a proud new father of a little boy! 🎉 I built Noa because my wife and I couldn't find a good App for tracking breastfeeding. Read the full story here: I know that Noa is only a niche product. Nevertheless, I hope you will check it out and tell me your thoughts 🤗 I'm here to answer your questions! Thank you! Orcun
Nice, @orcyork. Considering ~80% of mothers (from reports I've read) breastfeed, it might not be that "niche". 😃
Thanks, @rrhoover! Haha yeah that's true 😁
Feedback from my wife, please add sleep timer and poop tracker 😅
@johannmitzwein thanks for the feedback and greetings to your wife 👋 Will consider these in future updates 👍😅
As someone still breastfeeding, this is great! Wish I had it when my daughter fIrst came home. Integration with Siri is key. Not being completely hands free was my gripe with all the other apps! Graphs/trends for feedings would be great and maybe even ability to set reminders for feeding. Congrats on the app and the baby boy. Happy healing to your wife 😊
@meljoy242 thank you! 😊 All great ideas! Especially the reminders could be very useful, I think. Graphs/trends I already had in mind but not completely thought out yet. I thought of a graph to visualize the duration of feeding and a pie chart to show the distribution between the left and right breast and bottle. Do you have anything additional to this in mind? Wish you all the best with your daughter ❤️
Hi Orcun, I would love to try this but unable to download. I try clicking ‘get it’ but nothing pops up to download from Apple store.