No Zero Days

Foster personal growth and be someone you're proud of 🙌

Live a happier, healthier, and more content life,

by fostering personal growth and service to others.

It works by keeping the qualities you admire at top of mind, every day.




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Jacqueline von TesmarHiring@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @nasherasher, Can you tell us more about why you built this app?
Elliot NashMaker@nasherasher ·
@jacqvon Hi Jacq! I built No Zero Days to solve some problems in my own life. My work schedule was getting busier, and I wanted to make sure I was still hustling and growing outside of work. After stumbling across the top response to this question on Reddit I built No Zero Days based on ryans01 comment :)
Mihai Serban@serbanmd · Digital Product Designer
Hm, may I ask why the app needs access to Phone Status and Identity on Android?
Elliot NashMaker@nasherasher ·
@serbanmd hi Mihai - I believe it is for Bugsnag crash reporting, otherwise it is a mistake - will be looking into it today, thanks!
Mihai Serban@serbanmd · Digital Product Designer
@nasherasher that would make sense :) Thanks! On another note, I find the app to be really simple to use and the concept to be cool. I needed something like this app - Now I just need to make sure I am disciplined enough to use it daily.
Elliot NashMaker@nasherasher ·
@serbanmd thank you! I am so happy to hear that :) would love any feedback you might have
Michael I. Brooks@michaelibrooks · Community Coordinator, FGF
Love this idea. Downloaded - and I appreciate your donation towards suicide prevention. Great work!
Elliot NashMaker@nasherasher ·
@michaelibrooks thank you Michael - hoping to make a difference! :)
Eitan Shtainkort@eitan_shtainkort · Cto
I like the concept! Nice work
Elliot NashMaker@nasherasher ·
@eitan_shtainkort thank you!!
Andrew Acree@sonofrobins · Mobile Product Designer, Plated
Love this idea, I have had some similar concepts but enjoy how you have broken it down to "No Zero Days".
Elliot NashMaker@nasherasher ·
@sonofrobins thanks Andrew!