There are literally thousands of "experts" out there ready to take your money and feed you with garbage information.
We need to cut that bullsh*t right now. We are here to help you with that.
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Sounds really cool! Must say it is a bit paradoxal to talk about so called experts who are ready to take your money” and then ask 39$ voor the ebook. Besides that I think it is a really cool and useful book!
I found the Digital Product Handbook few weeks ago and it was really useful to me. I think the No-Bullshit Email Marketing will be an awesome help for those working on their projects and digital products.
@alvarezmvd Hi there. I am the creator of No Bullshit Email Marketing. Please, ask me anything you want about this project. Thank you all for your messages!
Do you have plans to develop other books with this same style?
Just downloaded. I like it so far!
Thanks mate! Good luck with your project