The first wearable camera that can fly (pre-launch)

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 27, 2014
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I really want this to exist but I'm skeptical this won't be anything more than a teaser video for the next several months.
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@rrhoover That's a positively conservative guess.
@rrhoover I thought the same with this. For this to work well I'm guessing it will have to navigate around the subjects, track people and faces automatically. I wonder how that little device (well render) will do that.
@rrhoover lol, yep, but a nice video ;)
@rrhoover My thoughts exactly. The video implies a lot of advanced functionality; object avoidance and target tracking just to name a few. All this happening in a tiny form factor. What kind of battery life are we talking about? It's an ambitious project for sure and I would love to see something come out of it but I remain skeptical.
this would be an awesome product, not just for personal adventures but business purposes, e.g. real estate agents. i see huge market opportunities. any estimate on launch date?
I hope this becomes real. And that the camera is high quality.
Similar idea to this: I was thinking it was doable in the near term, until the part where they showed it being worn as a watch. Can you imaging running a marathon or snowboarding with a dozens of these things buzzing around following various people?