Custom keyboard for iOS that is built for two-finger swiping

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Hello, developer here. Finally I can comment - feel free to ask questions and I'll check back here every now and then
The typing looks intense, almost Geometry Wars-like, and really efficient if it works as advertised (although the music in the video demo needs to go, lol). It's similar to SwiftKey or Swype, but made for two-finger, fast typing.
@rrhoover if I typed that fast I'd feel like I'm unleashing a combo in a game. I was waiting for a graphic to appear that said "excellent"
@forthecool I wonder what happens if you type ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA.
@rrhoover the star from Mario comes out :)
Has anyone tried this? I've dropped so much monkey on keyboards and I'm still on the default iOS keyboard after testing them all, so I'm curious if it's any good.
@markbao I have been beta testing this for a month or so and I think it blows other keyboards out of the water. One finger swiping never really felt natural because my other hand couldn't do anything, but two finger swiping feels natural and is pretty easy to pick up