Smart ring with a panic button

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Marco Marandiz
product. marketing. ecom.
Aesthetically pleasing application of technology for a safer community. A couple questions: -Was the size by design or by necessity? -How is it notifying 'people within 300 yards'?
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Noah Kim
Product Design @ FB $99/includes lifetime service. Standalone 911 emergency dialer using GSM networks. Calls real local emergency services. Realistically, nobody is going to be wearing this as a fashion accessory. You'll put this on when you think you might need it, so functionally it's no different than wearing this 911 pendant on your neck or belt. Personally, I find the standalone nature of the 911 device much more comforting then a bluetooth device that requires tethering to a phone (and presumably an app)
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Fiess Edouardco-founder @ navily
@wuss Wow apparently they need a designer over at the 911 offices ahahahah I kind of agree with you though... with a ring that size, nobody's gonna wear it full time, most likely it will swim at the bottom of a purse. I'm not sure it's the best form-factor for something like that.
"Nimb is a ring with a concealed button that can send an alert message with your location to your friends and family, emergency services and the Nimb community when you’re in trouble."
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Rotem Yakir
Guggy CEO - Make people laugh
Cool and important, but pretty expensive
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Pallav Agarwal
Passionate for technology and startups
I wonder how this is better than maybe an Apple Watch complication which, when pressed, notifies people in the same way. Or in WatchOS 3, just hold the side button for 3 seconds and it does the same thing...
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