NIKE mag 2015

Self-lacing shoes from Back to the Future, limited release

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This is definitely my favorite almost gadget from Back To The Future. I doubt I'll be able to get at the auction... but I'm super excited to try.
@jsneedles what about the hover board??
@spinoodle @jsneedles or the time machine itself?! 😂
Ugh! Auction only?!?!
@filipmares only for the super rich, but at least it's all going to a great cause.
@filipmares Universal and Nike both have agreements around the shoe. It appears that the only way Nike get's around some of these issues is by putting these shoes up for auction. Universal did release an officially licensed pair recently.
Looks like I'm going to have to double mortgage my house if that's even possible to get these on my feet
Oh my god these look so cool