Niice 2

The ultimate canvas for creative discussion

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Four years ago this week, we launched the first version of Niice (known internally as Vanilla Niice). Since then we’ve learned a lot about how creative teams of all shapes and sizes collaborate, and the common problems we all face. The creative process is a conversation, and when creative projects fail it’s rarely due to a shortage of ideas or talent; it’s because communication breaks down. This makes sense when you consider that all of our communication tools were designed for words, not pictures. We believe there's a need for a tool that’s designed for free-flowing, creative discussions; that enables us to present & critique our ideas in a visual way without having to be in the same room at the same time, or even the same timezone. So today we’re launching Niice 2: a canvas for creative discussion. It’s a feedback tool that’s easier than email, and a smart, shared visual library for your team. We hope you like it!
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@armstrong big fan of Niice and can't wait to get my had onto Niice2. Good job!
@rick_chen1 Thanks Rick! Let me know how you get on, keen to hear your feedback :)
Hey Chris, I love all the efforts you put into Niice. I just won a "one hundred time you use Niice" badge :) That makes me smile. Really niice product ^^ And noticed the way you implement our comments and ideas straight into the app/webapp. Wish you the best.
Stunning work here Chris, as usual! I'm really looking forward to introducing this to our design team, once I've hired them. PS keep up the strong pun game :)
@marcroberts thanks Marc! Always be punning.
Chris this is beautiful! I didn't think the interface for Niice could be any simpler and more enjoyable to use but you figured out a way. Can't wait to see where this goes.
@alecmcguffey thanks Alec that means a lot. Still feels like we're just getting started :)
@adithya hah, thanks for sharing it too! :)