A search engine with taste.

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Annie Kadavy
Annie Kadavy@akad · VC, CRV
will @niice also let individuals add content to create a crowdsourced search engine or will it always be hand-picked/curated?
Rocco Carzo
Rocco CarzoHunter@rcarzo · Director of Special Projects, OTEX
@anniekadavy Think it would need a ranking system of some kind, or, if it's positioned as a place for high-quality photos (as it is now), maybe users curate their own quasi "art galleries." Search seems to make it feel just as much, if not more, of a resource than it is inspirational. Galleries could be a more deliberate/focused approach at image inspiration.
ash bhoopathy
ash bhoopathy@ashbhoopathy · partner, lab
Surprised this didn't get more upvotes. Its beautiful.
@jongold@jongold · AI design tools
Soooo good