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Should we add this to Product Hunt? 😁 Demo:
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@rrhoover I don't know... some people work better in the wee hours though, and PH happens to be a source of inspiration. cutting that off seems a bit cruel :P
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@danlee101 ok, fine. 😁
@rrhoover That would be brilliant!
@rrhoover I vote yes! There's an option to go in the website even if it is asleep.
Cool idea. How well does this work with different time-zones though?
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@ryanheybourn It takes the users local computer time and not server time so it should work anywhere in the world and any time-zone.
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Sweet idea. As Ryan mentioned it would be great to see this making use of time zone local to the visitor. I'd like to see a version that dims all the colours of a site rather than just going black and adds message as overlay.
@tomflemming since it's JavaScript and it's open source, I might take a look! 🙂
@grooveplex @tomflemming since it's JavaScript it is based on the users browser and should use his computers time?
@davidsneighbour @grooveplex @tomflemming Yeah, it takes the users local computer time, rather than server time, so should work anywhere in the world and in any timezone.
@jape @davidsneighbour @grooveplex @tomflemming Cool, just added to my company website. Will add to product websites later :)
@kzynakamura your company website? I would be weirded out if a company's website told me to go to sleep.
This is a truly beautiful implementation of a sometimes random phenomenon in the web world:
This is a simple and good idea for a sleep health campaign for web visitors. Maybe not all the sites could implement it but it would be very nice.