Exhilarating tug-of-war fencing

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This game is insane(ly awesome). Added to my Weird Games collection.
Agreed! Is there any other game where the objective to be eaten by a giant worm?
such a fun game. played it for the first time at folsom st foundry games night
@alexmr Everything about it - especially its 8-player tournament mode - works really well with groups of people.
This game is fantastic. We played it so much in the office that we bought a small fencing trophy with "World Nidhogg Champion of the World" inscribed on it. The rules are simple: - You can challenge the trophy holder once per day. - If you beat the trophy holder, you win the trophy! Place it on your desk and gloat. - If you win the trophy, you get to keep it for 24 hours. But after that, en guard! Protip: learn to cartwheel using the pseudo-hadoken motion.
I love pixel art & nidhogg is the only pixel game that I have enjoyed playing.