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Finally the perfect dating app for me.
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@stttories I use it for my love affair with food...
@stttories @andretheentree Ashley Madison for diets.
Hey PH, @andrewhitti and I made this, so ask us anything! We've only been developing this for two weeks, so it's brand new...let us know what you think!
@andretheentree Lettuce is all about finding the best food near you, with the design of Tinder and the personalization of Pandora. We build your "taste profile" so you can always have an answer to "What's for lunch?"
My 2 cents - hold off on deeper integrations until you see how people are interacting/ find out what they really want.
@AndyTheGiant Definitely! Our last product we developed for 5 months before really getting it out there. This one we built over these past two weeks. We've really learned a lot about validating the base assumptions of a product before putting in tons of features
So it's like Foodspotting meets Tinder, and replaces Ness? :)
@chrismessina Throw in Pandora soon for the personalization/ how we're showing each new place and you have a deal :). Except no one can replace Ness... (http://bit.ly/1AhNKeJ)
might be interesting to reach out to the Resy team and see about integrating reservations ( cc @benleventhal ). Some type of foursquare integration would be neat too. Haven't checked out their API in a while but would be great if you could pull in tastes and then save likes to a list.
@sammybauch Thanks for the tip! @benleventhal we should definitely talk...that's one of the next 2 steps we're working on. The other is to be able to share "decks" of places you go. Since we're actually already pulling our data from the foursquare API, right now in the secret alpha version you can take saved likes and save it to a foursquare list...very prescient! Soon after that you'll be able to ingest lists and send them to each other as decks so your friends will be able to swipe through your recommendations! The only reason we haven't done tastes is because the API doesn't show individual restaurant tastes, so we can't link up your personal tastes with actual restaurants. For that, we're going to do a cluster analysis and come up with some latent segments! Thanks for the response Sam! If you want to get in on that alpha version and give us more feedback shoot me your email (I'm andre@heylettuce.com) and I'll add you to hockey app :)
@heylettuce @andretheentree very interesting. I like the "decks" feature. I'm doing something similar with tunedup ( http://www.producthunt.com/posts... ) and user created playlists. one of the pieces I like with what I'm doing is providing the curator analytics on swipes
@heylettuce @sammybauch just checked it out. we want to do something similar! definitely down to hear you design decisions if you want to chat