Omnichannel business communication: CRM, Chat, Surveys, VoIP

Nextiva Service CRM, Nextiva Chat, Nextiva Surveys, and Nextiva Analytics join forces to provide a full view of customer communications.

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Excited for this. Neat idea to merge all comms tools together and let them collaborate freely.
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Hey Product Hunters!

 👋 Staci here from the Nextiva team. My colleagues and I are happy to introduce our new products on the NextOS platform. 

Nextiva was founded with the vision to simplify business communications for companies of all sizes. While we're mostly known for VoIP phone service, we've always known that we would expand to include other business tools. 

And with this release we've done just that! Nextiva Service CRM, Nextiva Surveys, Nextiva Chat, and the newly improved Nextiva Analytics provide businesses full views of their customers in one simple platform. Say goodbye to trying to aggregate a bunch of different products!

 Have any questions or feedback? We want to hear it all! P.S. - There's a special deal for Product Hunters if you check out the link! 😉
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This would solve a LOT of the problems I'm having right now. I'm so excited to try this!
This sounds like a great solution to customer communications .
This definitely looks like a solid, all-in-one product that will save me time.