Interact in communities centered around shared interests

This is an interesting space. How do you plan on growing the platform? Seems it would be pretty key in getting 'Hub Leaders' who are well respected in their space to run these communities. Slack has become a go-to place for topic-specific communities and they haven't focused on that crowd yet. What do you think you can do here? (May be worth contacting the people leading these communities to start their own hub!) Do you think brands should be running topic hubs? People may assume there is a hidden agenda. They could, instead, have a sponsored spot like Snapchat does... Keen to hear the story behind NextHub :)
@bentossell Hi Ben, thanks for feedback. Yes your are right Hub leaders are definitely a way forward to start a trend in communities. HUB owners are in control over their content, rights and also monetisation around their content and followers which should give them the initiative. I think topic specific communities is the future and you need to be able to easily choose categories and topics in order to create the feed that is relevant to you. Brands I think have a great opportunity to use HUBs, the actual communication between Brands and their followers is today noisy in my opinion. For example clothing brands could use a HUB to update about new collections, or write stories about certain products, they can also create forum in which their customers can review their products. The value for the Brand is clear, they control and own this HUB there is no information or ads in this that is not controlled by them. NextHub aim is to give the control back to the publisher being independent, company or organisation. I really appreciate your interest in NextHub and very much would like your feedback again. Best Regards, Mikael
@bentossell Hi Ben, Thank you for your feedback. You are spot on with regards to the importance of getting 'Hub Leaders' on board. Going that way, we would hopefully gain, not only traction and credibility, but also valuable feedback. Still, this is only one of the tracks we are looking at in terms of growth. We certainly believe the company/brand space you mentioned to be another very interesting track. The hidden agenda situation put aside (we leave it to the end users to use their own judgment here :), at least for now) companies will be able to use NextHub for both internal and external communications. With a branded and and less noisy user experience. Also more structured compared to what social media of today offers. Furthermore, in our road map there are some neat features which probably will appeal that space even more. As always, feedback is welcomed! Keep it coming :) Stay tuned!
Cool, so is this like a new take on Ning?
@tribaling "A new take on Ning" was surely not in our mindset when we started NextHub :) But yeah, I see what you mean and your question is interesting and fair. Well, even if some of the underlying ideas and key features are the same, there are some important differences in execution and offering. NextHub is free to use. Moving forward we will probably extend our offering with different paid pro packages but the basic plan we intend to keep free. In that, the targeted audience will remain somewhat different. Moreover, NextHub allow users to access and manage their hubs (not only via the web app) but also in means of our native iOS and/or Android app. Again, for free. Thank you for the comment Elia.
@bengt_welin cool that makes sense, I look forward to following your progress :)