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Curated Spotify playlists of bands coming to town

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It's a pain to look up every band coming to your city. Now just follow your favorite venues and genres and get a weekly Spotify playlist of upcoming music.

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Next Weeks Playlist was a curated playlist released every week created by Courtney Leonard and myself. It existed at and stopped being updated 3 years ago. It is not affiliated or in any way related to
/blakeMaker@slash_blake · Software Developer, Sayspring
Hi I'm Blake and I made this. Let me know if you have any questions!
Luke Seeley
Luke Seeley@lukees · Creative Director, Pixel Union
Work in Vancouver Canada?
/blakeMaker@slash_blake · Software Developer, Sayspring
Hey all. Thanks for all the incredible feedback here and on I have plans to scale this to more cities. Just message me or @nextweeksmusic on twitter and I'll be sure to keep everyone posted!