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This app knows if you'll like a beer by scanning the label

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Love this. Looks really slick! I like how it can give a rating for friends and family too. There are a number of wine and beer scanning apps I've had on my phone for a while. Have been wondering how the image recognition is happening on them. Is there some SDK out there that everyone's using?
@KristoferTM Thanks Kris- The friends score thing is my favorite part. I can buy Christmas gifts for my friends with complete confidence. And it can be a surprise. Looking forward to buying some gifts for the first time in a while.
This looks quite interesting! I'm wondering though, if you can use the app when you are at a restaurant and you are looking at a menu (and don't have the label available to scan).
@jdbt We have a really neat feature with AR and restaurant menus that I wish made the cut for launch. It should be coming soon.
@forrestmaready @jdbt It's really interesting that you're going to be using AR. It seems to be slowly making a comeback (from the Layer days) but not in the way it was typically used ie. as a gimmick. I'm amped to see what you do with it. Are you working directly with restaurants at this point? Congrats on all the attention you're getting. It's cool to see hard work rewarded.
@d2burke @jdbt I've always hated AR. I used to work in the Ad/Digital space and every use of it felt wrong. This was the first time it felt right.
@d2burke @jdbt Regarding restaurants- I know we've talked to a few larger organizations, though I don't know if I'm supposed to say which ones. I always hate when I see other people talk secretive like that and now I'm doing it myself. That feels as annoying to say as it does to hear.
@forrestmaready @jdbt haha...srsly right? Truth be told...I'm on an AR project right now and I've been arguing with my producer that NO ONE uses AR anymore...only for this to launch ;) Anyway, good stuff man.
hey @forrestmaready, wanna comment on the tech involved, or anything about your process?
@d2burke I replied down below in a standalone comment. Let me know if you have any specific questions. Cheers
Happy to talk about the app.
We're a little busy this morning as you can imagine, but everything is holding up OK so far. For those of you coming here and don't know much about Next Glass, the chemistry thing is not a marketing gimmick. We actually have a real lab with a ThermoScientific Mass Spectrometer (among some other instruments). We sample 100-125 beers/wines every day and generate 'DNA' profiles for each product. They start at around 200,000 chemical compounds per sample and we whittle it down to a level that can work quickly enough for mobile apps and thoroughly enough to be the best prediction of taste on the planet. It's still a work in progress, no doubt, but the scores can be freaky sometimes. Ask me anything else, I'll do my best to answer. Cheers!
@forrestmaready how does Next Glass personalize it's recommendations ratings for me? Do I inform you of wine I like/dislike first?
@forrestmaready Nice - science for the greater good!
@rrhoover Yes- we have to know what you like. You and you alone. Doesn't matter what your friends like. A couple of ratings (both positive and not so positive) are good. About 10 or more is where we can really start to tease out the compounds that you respond to.
@rrhoover @forrestmaready yeah, the on-boarding process was pretty clean and painless.