Newton by CloudMagic

Supercharged emailing with space-age features

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I don't know about you guys but I am not ok with getting 1 year for a product I bought as a one time purchase..
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@ykguler Same here..
@ykguler I've never ditched an app/service as fast as I did with this. It was almost like.. magic.
@san_picciarelli a bit late but.. "It was almost like.. magic."
I've been an advocate of the product for a long time (last time last night, how funny is that) and a user for even longer, if I had to sum it up: it just works. iOS, MacOS, Android, Apple Watch, doesn't matter the platform, it works, in sync, and that's a huge thing when handling multiple inboxes (both work and personal ones even). And for that, thank you, great UX! Thank you for offering me a year of subscription as a recognition of that long time I've used it (and paid for it back in the day). But for anyone picking it up today, 50$ USD per year is a hefty price. It depicts a trend that I don't approve of in the tech industry: continuously switching to subscription based models, I get it is an added value to the company, on multiple levels, but it doesn't feel like the consumer is really getting a product, simply a provided-as-you-pay service. And that's a shame. My 2 cents.
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I am ditching this as of today. Why. Because 50 dollars.
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I bought CloudMagic Mac app for $20 and it was pricey comparing to other mail apps. And now you ask me to pay $50 per year?
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This is really off for me. I can understand charging a subscription fee moving forward for new users but migrating early adopters onto this is just bad business. I signed up for the offer of a one time fee then that's what it should be. They also have been making weird UI changes and not really caring about the experience as well. I was a huge fan of the mac client and still am. This now has me seriously questioning my loyalty. At least I have a year to figure it out. Actually less than a year cause I have had this for about six months already........